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What is “reconciliation”?

The reward of sin is death, but through Jesus’ sacrifice we have the possibility of eternal salvation …
Hva he forsoningen?

What is “reconciliation”?

Yes, quite simply: “But he is wounded for our iniquity and crushed for our sins. The punishment is upon him for us to have peace … “ (Isaiah 53: 5). He atoned for our punishment. He took the punishment we were to receive on himself. That was the great work that was done on Golgotha ​​- so that we can have peace. That is the reconciliation.

Who is the reconciler?

Who is the reconciler? Our intercessor with the Father, Jesus Christ, the righteous, he who atoned for our sins, and not only ours, but the sins of the whole world. (1 John 2: 1-2).

Jesus not only accomplished the reconciliation of our sins, but now we encounter Himself as the living, exalted Christ, through the right hand of the Father, and it is written of him, ” He is the atonement of our sins.” Not only did he atone for our sins, but he himself is atonement. What security for our salvation!

What is the result of reconciliation?

He entered into the sanctuary with his own blood, into heaven, to be revealed to God’s presence for our sake , and found an eternal salvation.

What Jesus did on earth was recognized by God in heaven. And there Jesus’ blood speaks better than Abel’s. For Abel’s blood was shouting from the earth, and God cursed Cain on the earth for having slain his brother (Genesis 4: 10-11). Jesus’ blood does not cry out of the earth like Abel’s blood, because Jesus went with his blood to heaven before God, for our sake. In heaven, in the presence of God, Jesus calls blood, and God does not condemn anyone on the earth as it did with Cain, but he has mercy and salvation. That’s why Jesus talks blood better than Abel. When Jesus walked on this earth, they said of him, “Never has a man spoken like this”(John 7:46). And we say: No one in heaven has ever spoken like him. That’s why he is the highest. Through his Spirit he speaks to us, here on earth, and through his blood he speaks in heaven. What comfort and what salvation!

60 reasons why Jesus is everything for me

If you can say to this list, “Yes, that’s also true for me!”, Then your life will also be unshakable!
  1. He is my peace . – Even if everything around me is full of unrest and unrest.
  2. He is my joy . – I do not need another joy.
  3. He is the Atonement for my sins. – He threw all my sins behind, into the sea of ​​oblivion. And if it should happen again that I sin, he will forgive me immediately, so that this is atoned for.
  4. He is my sanctification . – He purifies me and purifies me again and again, as long as I live. His death is effective in me, so that gradually more space for Christ’s life arises.
  5. He is my shepherd . – If no one else takes care of me, he watches over me day and night.
  6. He is my praise song . – Even if there is no other reason for me to sing praise , HE is my praise song.
  7. He is my capital . – I do not need other capital. If that is too little, then everything is too little.
  8. He is my reward . – If he is missing, everything is missing.
  9. He is my insurance . -If that is uncertain, everything is uncertain.
  10. He is my future . – I look forward to it. I go to meet him. He is my bright and eternal future. Hallelujah!
  11. He is my only lord and ruler. – I have sanctified him in my heart. I have submitted to him – in full confidence in his guidance and in the perfection of his good commandments.
  12. He is my kin . – He is my mother, sister and my brother.
  13. He is my honor . – For other honor I have absolutely no need. People like to despise me for life.
  14. He is my castle , my fortress, my shield and my protection. This is not so easy to storm and take. Here I am sure.
  15. He is my master . – I am the apprentice. Even if no one else has instructed me in truth and efficiency, so does he.
  16. He is my guide . – Even if all the others who have not gone their own way are just babblers, and therefore can not lead me reliably – he knows his way around this way.
  17. He is my ruler . – If no one else can strengthen me and instruct me in warfare – He is a mighty warrior, the leader of God’s army. He is not a sissy.
  18. He is my peace . – Even if the body would have to get along without a bed and a pillow – my spirit has a wonderful resting place in it.
  19. He is my pantry . Otherwise, if I have no provisions, then the whole fullness of God lives bodily in HIM, and I am a member of his body, filled with him.
  20. He is my doctor . – Even if none of the earthly doctors can heal my body, HE can still do it, and he will do it if it is best for me.
  21. He is my goal . – to become like Him – in his essence.
  22. He is my forerunner . – I do not wander – on a journey of discovery – on unknown paths. There is a path through which Jesus preceded; He has already done every single step before. He is tested in every step I have to go. What a comfort!
  23. He is my consolation . – And this consolation is enough for me.
  24. He is my judge. – The judgments of others can be as they please.
  25. He is my choice food . – He is the bread of life, his flesh is true food.
  26. He is my game and my pleasure. In contrast, all other games fade.
  27. He is my happiness and my satisfaction. – What He sends into my path is always for my happiness and for my good. Nobody could do better!
  28. He is my wisdom and my mind. – Greater wisdom and a deeper understanding than obeying HIM do not exist.
  29. He – the Word – is my sword . – This weapon is more effective than any other.
  30. He is my faithful, sincere friend . – I do not need other friendships.
  31. He is all my interest – in relation to him all other interests are contentless – just foam.
  32. He is my cliff and my foundation. – This remains, even if everything else goes by.
  33. He is my life . – It will last forever.
  34. He is the truth . – There is never reason to doubt him.
  35. He is my groom , my eternal love.
  36. He is my defender , my lawyer, my lawyer. – I do not need other lawyers.
  37. He is my mediator , he mediates between me and the father. Through him I come to the father.
  38. He is the Son of God , received by the Holy Spirit.
  39. He is the Son of Man , a human, Abraham’s son, born of the Virgin Mary.
  40. He is my true brother , the unsurpassable firstborn among many brothers.
  41. He is my high priest , who has pity on my weaknesses.
  42. He is my vacation . – There can be no more restful abode than being in HIM.
  43. He is my well-being and my cosiness. – Nothing is more comfortable and comfortable than being with Him.
  44. He is the tree of life to which I am a grafted sprout.
  45. He is the builder who, together with the others, builds me up to become an abode of God in the Spirit.
  46. He is the main cornerstone in the living structure in which I am also inserted as a living stone.
  47. He is a stumbling block and a rock of annoyance, in which I have participated through the cross – to the annoyance of all those who want to defend their own.
  48. He is the head of the church, that body in which I too am a member.
  49. He is my strength . – In him I can do everything, everything he tells me.
  50. He is God’s power . – It is wonderful what he could do in the same flesh and blood as we have.
  51. He is God’s wisdom . – It is miraculous to get an insight into the work that happened in Christ Jesus.
  52. He is God’s secret . – Is it any wonder that one does not understand Jesus’ person?
  53. He is my time ; he fills these out. Time never gets too long, pastime falls away.
  54. He is my Sabbath . – I rest in him, in his will and in his works, instead of going my own way and being “busy with my own things”. I do this every day of the week and year, and that’s why, as it’s written, I’m the same every day. Stable sabbath rest! God be praised!
  55. He is the giver of all goodness. – For other gifts my eyes need not look around.
  56. He is my refuge . – On the day of need, I have to run after springs that have not jumped.
  57. He is my source of life . – “All my sources are in you.” Psalm 87 , 7 . (Butcher translation)
  58. He is in all things my perfect pattern and role model .
  59. He is unchanging and immutable , always the same, even when others are as changeable as the moon.
  60. He is everything for me. – That’s why everything else is null and void. It is meaningless and indifferent.
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