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Why does not God want to listen to me?

Have you ever felt that God does not always answer your prayers? Why does not God give you an answer to your prayers?

Why does not God want to listen to me?

There are times when life can be a bit overwhelming. But who can you turn to when it seems that even God is not listening to you?

Have you ever felt that God does not always answer your prayers? Have you ever hated such a day where things only go wrong, and at the end you are in your bed, with a pillow in tears because no matter how loud you cry out to God, there is nothing that changes? Why does not God give you an answer to your prayers?

” And we know that to those who love God, all things work together for good, that is, to those who are called according to their purpose .”  Romans 8:28.

If you believe that all things work together, is not it then more likely that God will simply answer your prayers in a different way than you expected?

You can not escape the tests

Imagine that you have to deal with some angry customers at work. They scream and get angry with you, inside you can feel anger start to boil. You know if they do not leave soon, then you will boil completely and really explode! 
You can pray that the client does not return, because you really can not tolerate being yelled at once again. Or maybe you take it a step further and realize that as a Christian you should not have reacted with anger. You pray, “Oh, please do not let these clients come back, I really do not want to get mad again.” But the next day the same client comes back and yells at you again! Is not this just the opposite that you asked for? 
Beloved, do not be surprised at the trial fire that has come upon you, as if something strange were happening to you, but rejoice because you are partakers of the sufferings of Christ, so that also in the revelation of his glory you may rejoice with great joy . ”  1 Peter 4: 12-13

Perfect and complete, without missing anything

” My brethren, be of great joy when you find yourself in various trials, knowing that the trial of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its complete work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing . “  James 1: 2-4.

Is not this a better solution? To be perfect and complete, without missing anything?

Of course it’s much better! However, God himself has to respect the laws that he has established. You can ask for patience every day, however God does not want your anger to simply disappear one day by magic – you would not do it even if you wanted to, since it has given you a free will! He is interested in voluntary service and obedience. The attitude of a disciple is manifested in Jesus’ own prayer: “Thy will be done, as it is in heaven, so also on earth.”  Matthew 6:10.

Why do you ask that the tribulations disappear? You can not expect to spend a lifetime without ever coming across someone who makes you angry. Such people are everywhere! God makes you meet such people, so that you can have victory over anger and thus have more love and be patient. 
Instead of asking why God does not listen to you, perhaps you should ask why you do not listen to God! If your mind is focused on doing God’s will, then He will answer your prayers to be free from anger precisely with the correct tests you need to become patient. If you feel that God does not hear your prayers, ask yourself if you have really said, “Thy will be done”  in every situation.

Do not pray to God to protect him from trials; Pray that I will give you strength and so use the test to be like Jesus! That way he will be more than willing to listen to your prayers! Then never again will you have a day without hope!

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