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Why you can wear leggings as trousers in 2019

I plead guilty. I’m sure I already said one day or another that you can not wear leggings as pants. I am no better than anyone, I am a living being who learns to become a better human every day of his life.

But I start:  in 2016, you can wear leggings as trousers. 

Between you and me, leggings, it’s really comfortable. No surprise here. And it is surely this attribute that makes them still popular 10 years after their return to the world of fashion. Until then, no problem.

The problem is in the collective perception. I explain to you.

I find that the woman’s body is very sexualized by society. It is a fact, we sexualize the breasts to the point where some people are restricted the fundamental right to breastfeed in public. Women’s bodies are used to sell products, their physical attributes are used to sell cars, burgers and a little anything. On the other hand, if a girl decides to expose her body by herself to be empowered,  it is bad. It’s out of place or lacks class. The comments are going to be mean and ruthless.

So I’m a little tired of this double standard. Because we sexualize the curve of a seam of a garment because everyone knows that there is a vulva underneath. I’m tired of limiting women to wear clothes with pockets on the buttocks if it’s adjusted, because otherwise it’s too sexual to see the shape of a pussy. I’m tired of a woman wearing a fitted skirt, but if you can guess the shape of a pair of buttocks in leggings, it’s not clean.

The choice to wear leggings as pants does not belong to you, it belongs to the person who wears them. That’s all. And then, why hide the shape of a body if it is only to reinforce a double standard? Why please people who want to control the bodies of others?Screw that .

If you really want to find problems with leggings, it’s not the side of the potential malaise of people to watch. We could talk about where they came from, because they may have been manufactured under questionable conditions. We could also discuss the fact that some people choose to wear them a smaller size to try to match the standards and the popular pressure. We could also talk about the fact that people are trying to restrict the right to wear leggings to thin women. These are small examples, just the same.

In 2016, if the shape of your body disturbs someone, I invite you to send a walk.

And wear leggings in pants freely, if you like!

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